Charles B. Parselle  specializes in mediation, arbitration, legal counseling and representation. He is a graduate of Oxford University, England and handles a wide range of cases in a wide range of areas: real estate, personal injury, environmental, entertainment, partnership dissolution, medical and legal malpractice, homeowner’s disputes, product liability, probate, commercial, construction, employment, professional negligence, intellectual property, and martial dissolution.

Charles Parselle MediationCombing a strong grasp of negotiating strategies and experience honed during his more than 40 years of legal practice, Charles Parselle has a reputation for being a peacemaker and creative problem solver. He is adept at bringing parties and professionals together to reach agreed resolutions and thereby curtailing the time, expense, risk, and turmoil associated with litigation. His ability to establish a rapport among professionals and parties puts the participants at ease and breaks down the common barriers to resolution.

Mediation – Arbitration – Case Evaluation – Negotiation Coaching

Charles B. Parselle