Charles Parselle

Hourly: $450
Half Day: $1,500 on reservation of date
Day: $3,000 on reservation of date

Continuances or Cancellation: No charge if matter is continued or cancelled with 10 day notice

Mediation Procedures

Attendance: A decision maker is anyone without shoes input the matter cannot be resolved. Decision makers need to attend for mediation to be most effective.

Confidentiality: Mediation confidentiality is provided by law, principally Evidence Code 1115-1128.

Pre-mediation Telephone Calls to Mediator: Pre-mediation contact with the mediator is always permitted. Much of the mediation takes place in private caucus. This differentiates mediation from arbitration in which no such contact is ever permitted.

Mediation Briefs: The mediator will be more useful if briefed in advance. Briefs may be mailed or submitted by email.

Charles B. Parselle